Q: How much does it cost to rent a Daiquiri machine?
A: Regular pricing is stated on the Hire Prices page, (no deposit required,
you pay when we deliver). Pricing includes machine set up, pick up, free
base mix as specified with package, additional mixes are $25 per 5 Litres.
Q: Are the machines easy to use?
A: Very easy! We mix your first batch and show you how to use the machine.
Q: How many drinks does the Daiquiri machine make?
A: Each 12 Litre bowl of our machines make 85 x 170ml cocktail once your
alcohol is added. All ice granita mixes will expand by 20% extra due to
airation of the product also.
Q: How long does the first batch take to freeze?
A: We recommend getting the batch started 1 hour before your party starts.
For best results, the machine should be kept out of direct sunlight.
Q: Who provides the liquor and how much will I need?
A: The customer provides all liquor. Most flavours use 1.4 litres of alcohol per
12 litre bowl. For a slightly lighter alcoholic strength, you can use a 1 litre
bottle of desired alcohol instead of the 2 x 700ml bottles.
Q: What about non-alcoholic options?
A: All mixes can be made without alcohol for a non-alcoholic alternative for
non drinkers or FOR KIDS SLUSH SLURPEE'S!
Q: What do I need to do when you deliver the machine?
A: When we deliver your machine, we will need to speak with someone who
will be responsible for the operation of the machine and we need the required
liquor for the first mix. We will make your first batch of mix and make sure the
machine is set up and operating properly. Payment is required at time of
delivery. We also will need a strong (non glass top or weak plastic) table and
a 240v power supply.
Q: How far in advance should I reserve my machine?
A: We recommend as soon as you know the dates of your event especially
coming into the warmer months.
Q: How soon can I have a drink?
A: Depending on the starting temperature of the liquid and the temperature of
the day, it could take anywhere from 45 mins to 1 and half hours max. We
recommend that the alcohol be stored in the freezer 4 hours prior to our
arrival, as alcohol is a freezing retardant it will not freeze in the freezer but will
help the first batch to freeze a lot quicker. Due to the machines design, once
the 1st batch is frozen there is no delay in topping up batches.
Q: How do I clean the machine?
A: YOU DON'T - WE DO! When you are finished with your party drain what
you want to keep, unplug the machine and leave it for us to pack up, take
away and clean up.
Q: What kinds of mix flavours are available?
A: View our flavours page for a complete list of our drink flavours.
Q: Can these machines be used for kid's parties?
A: They sure can, our most popular kid flavours are Blue Lemonade,
Strawberry, Cola, Raspberry, Orange, Lime and Tropical. Other flavours also
available. Also any of our alcoholic cocktail flavours can be served
non-alcoholic for adult and kid's events.
Q: How much ice do I need to buy?
A: You don't need any ice with our Daiquiri machines, our machine produce
its own slushy ice.

Q: When do I pay?
A: Payments are accepted at time of delivery.
Q: Where do I go to pick up a Frozen Drink Machine?
A: You don't have to leave the house. We bring everything to you
(except the alcohol).
Q: When is the machine picked up?
A: At time of drop-off we will let you know the time of pickup for the following
day. If same day pickups are needed, please mention this when booking.
Q: What suburbs do you deliver to?
A: We deliver to all of Melbourne, the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and some outer
country areas as well. Have a look here "Delivery Locations" to see yourself.
Q: How do I reserve a machine?
A: Please fill out our contact form on our Contact Us
page and we will get back to you with and answer to your query.

Email us if you have any queries at info@daiquiriparty.com    www.DAIQUIRIPARTY.com